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A people company

Commitment, passion and professionalism, a love of research and innovation, a deep sense of responsibility towards our planet.

These are our company’s key ingredients, the drivers propelling us towards the future.

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Saverio Antonini


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Mirco Chiozzini


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Consuelo Trematore


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Alessandro Tommasi


The story of Easytech Srl

Easytech Srl was founded based on twenty years of experience in the field of Energy Management and Integrated Design, specifically created to provide an effective and clean response to new ways of living. Its HOT system has a range of applications, from private homes to industry.
This system is only made up of a few elements and does not use any type of fluid, only electricity, creating the benefit of only having static elements that are not subject to leaks or breakage.
The CALDO systemallows users to manage and control the connected systems in a precise and responsive way. In fact, it introduces a ‘brain’ into your home/office/company, which uses software based on the logic of our patent to learn, correct and adapt to different needs, always guaranteeing maximum well-being with minimum consumption.

Linea Verde Life RAI1

Discover the technology of Easytech Srl in the interview of Linea Verde Life RAI1, at 43:30 minutes of the broadcast aired on 21/03/2020.

bando POR finanziamento regione Veneto

Easytech Srl received a grant from the Veneto Region as part of the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund.

In particular, Easytech completed the “Radiant heating system specific for dry technology” project, as part of Axis 1, Action 1.1.1.

t2i incubatore certificato

Easytech Srl is an Innovative SME in Italy’s Veneto region, and, since 2016, it has been part of the t2i “technology transfer and innovation” incubation initiative.

t2i is a consortium that supports companies to make innovation a continuous process, by helping to create innovative enterprises, providing assistance for research projects and protecting intellectual property.

Come and visit us at our headquarters in Verona, find out how in the contact us section